Plug in Timer (Second Accurate)

Plug in Timer (Second Accurate)
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Very limited number of these timers left hence regrettable price.

General purpose digital timer accurate to the second.

Maximum Wattage 3KW

Battery backed up so doesn't lose its schedule if removed from mains.

Up to 16 on/off schedules per day can be specified. Each schedule inlcludes day-of-week,hour,minute,second. Day-of-week can be set to , a specific day (e.g. Tuesday), "every day", "every weekday" or "every weekend day".

Example schedules are:

- Go on every day at 9.02pm and 10 seconds. Go off at 9.05pm and 7 seconds.
- Go on Monday at 3pm and off Friday at 3:05pm and 5 seconds.

Plugs into UK mains socket and accepts UK plug.

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