Automatic Pet Feeders

Welcome to The autopetfeeder range are the only pet feeders in the UK that can safely and reliably feed pets for weeks at a time.

We can make this claim because our pet feeders have proven themselves over a number of years in the USA where they are very popular. Features like the mains powered and battery-backed up digital controller and the robust metal pet-proof sheath that houses the mains cable ensure an ultra reliable and safe to use pet feeder.



£15 off Medium Autopetfeeders

For a limited period in June, there is a £15 discount available on the Medium Autopetfeeder. We are currently over stocked on the medium size and the discount is over and above the prices shown on the site. The final discounted total price is clearly shown before payment is required. This offer is unlikely to be repeated.

Use code "med15" on your shopping basket prior to checkout.


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